Most small businesses have a lot of difficulty with their credit. Most have bad credit history. Banks and other traditional lenders will never offer such businesses with loans. It is no lie that a business can hardly survive without business loans. The good news is that there exist business loans for bad credit these days. These loans are based on other factors other than your credit score.

How to acquire business loans for bad credit.

Do your homework. Research on lenders that give business loans. Get to know their terms. Although they give business loans for bad credit, they might have some credit score requirements. Have your credit score in mind and check if you fit their requirements. It is useless contacting a lender yet you do not fit in his/her requirements.

  • Have a clear business plan.

What impresses a lender more than anything else is a good, detailed business plan.  It shows despite your credit, you are serious about your business. Do not even bother to ask for a loan if you do not have a good business plan. Take your time to come up with a comprehensive plan showing where you, as a business, are headed. Show your plan and goals as a business. Be sure to show how much monthly sales you have been making and the projected sales should you be granted the loan. Learn more.

  • Build your business credit.

Even before applying for the loan, try building your business credit. File for your business credit report and try going through it carefully to see if there are any errors. You cannot build your credit scores overnight but please have it mind and try doing it. Then focus on applying for business loans.

  • Reach out to family and friends.

There are many business funding options including borrowing from friends and relatives. However much it is not advisable to borrow money from loved ones, this could help you get by as you build your credit history. It is better because you can get instant money with very little or no interest. Once your credit has increased you can now apply for loans from a lender.

  • Have a collateral.

This is a must. Business with bad credit must have an asset that acts as security in case one defaults payment. Very few if any lenders will you give you a loan if you have nothing to give because they need reassurance.

  • Consider use of “credit boosters”.

You could partner with a business or person with good credit history. This will highly increase your chances of getting a loan. Together you can co-sign the loan. However, if you default payment he/she will be stuck with it and it will really affect his/her credit scores. The other party might also want to have a say in your business so be careful before you go for this option.


The ideas above should help you in evaluating the bad credit loans for business and making wise decisions. Do not be discouraged when you get turned down by a lender. Keep looking. You will get one that will be willing to lend you money. Check out more: